Powerkite Algarve

With Papagaio Powerkite Algarve we will take you on a beach adventure fueled by wind, action and a lot of fun. Whether you’re looking for a fast and fun holiday activity in the sun or are considering to take a full kitesurf course and want to get to know the sport first – you’ve come to the right address.

From young to old: almost everyone can learn to powerkite. We have different kite sizes to make it as challenging as you want. This makes it the perfect activity for families and groups as well. All clinics are given by a qualified instructor.

So what are you going to do? In about two hours you will be taught the basic skills of kiting, without getting your feet wet. The powerkite clinic starts with a short theoretical introduction and then it’s time for action!
We kick off our session with a relatively small kite so you can quickly learn to control it. Once you feel more confident and are ready for a challenge we’ll launch a bigger kite. Get yourself dragged over the beach and experience the real power of the wind! Don’t feel like getting sand up your shorts? Why not stay on a small kite and challenge yourself to breaking the kite loop record or show ultimate control by flying the kite with one hand.

Instructor Niels showing us some powerkite action!

We use top of the range powerkites that are steered with a bar like their big kite brothers. To make the activity as safe as possible we only fly kites that have a third line for safety: when you let go of the bar the kite loses all its power and will stay on the ground until you are ready to give it another go.
The Powerkite clinics of Papagaio Powerkite Algarve are as challenging as you want them to be. The instructor will make sure everyone in your group leaves with a huge smile on their face. And of course we’ll make sure there is water and small snack available as well.